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Backed by a strong industrial tradition, the Pirelli Group today is a world leader in tyre manufacturing and ranks alongside players of international stature in all its operating sectors. Through its development over the years our Group has acquired international scale that is complemented by its strong roots across a variety of local communities. We owe our competitive strength to the professional expertise of our human resources, to our technological know-how and research capability, to quality, and to an unwavering focus on customer needs. Thanks to these factors we can produce and market high-quality products and operate successfully out of different locations and in various markets worldwide.

A talent for innovation and an ability to pioneer industrial changes spurs us to continually improve on them in terms of quality and of environmental and social impact, as in our development of products and solutions in the green economy sector. In our conduct we are guided by an Ethical Code which anyone involved with the Pirelli Group, all over the world, is required to put into practice consistently and responsibly. The internationally renowned excellence of the Group’s Corporate Governance is a foremost and systematic commitment for our top management. Our approach to enterprise aims to strike the best balance between personal responsibility and team work as well as between strategy that is planned centrally and operating responsibility that is decentralised locally. Our sustained growth owes its impetus to the sound creation of value for shareholders and investors in general and to our due regard for the interests of all who interact with the Group and with the companies in it.