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Identification of Stakeholders and approach adopted

The term Stakeholder means "holder of legitimate interests" toward the company, i.e. those individuals or groups that have an interest in the company’s decisions, influence its success and/or are impacted by the organisation’s activities.

Pirelli Group adopts a “multi-stakeholder” approach, which means that it pursues lasting and sustainable growth based as far as possible on the equable reconciliation of the interests and expectations of all those who interact with the company. In particular, these are:

  • Shareholders, investors and the financial community
  • Environment
  • Customers
  • Human Resources
  • Suppliers and independent contractors
  • External Community
  • Competitors

The Pirelli identity is historically based on a plurality of values that have always been pursued and protected by all of us.

Over the years, these values have enabled us to consolidate and enrich our corporate culture and promote sustainable growth as the linchpin for responsible, long-term development that can satisfy the interest of all stakeholders.

Relations with stakeholders are to a certain degree heterogeneous, which may be regarded as a beneficial diversity in Pirelli’s ways of listening to and involving its interlocutors.

On the other hand, the Group's approach to each class of stakeholders is based on the same principles and values, which firmly adhere to and apply the provisions of “The Values and Ethical Code of the Pirelli Group.” The first version of this document was drawn up in 2003 and then updated and integrated in 2009.

There are many and varied initiatives, activities, tools for dialogue and projects of specific interest to the classes of stakeholders listed above. These are addressed in detail in sections 2, 3 and 4 of this chapter, to which the reader is referred for specific information.