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Types of Group Customers

The types of customers vary greatly from one business to the next.

Pirelli Tyre customers can be broken down into two big categories:

  • “Original Equipment”, which includes the leading international makers of cars, motorcycles, scooters, commercial vehicles (light, medium and heavy), buses and agricultural machinery;
  • “Replacement”, which includes a total of about 15 distribution channels (for car, truck and motorcycle tyres), and whose importance differs from country to country.

The customers of Pirelli Eco Technology, both for the FEELPURE™ particulate filter technology and the GECAM™ white diesel technology are public and private firms that operate in the public transport, freight transport, waste collection, mining and construction sectors. In the case of GECAM™ technology for heating use alone, Pirelli Eco Technology also provides the product to independent licensees operating in the vehicle and heating segments. In the last case, the end users are condominiums, industrial plants or public administration buildings. In addition to receiving royalties on its licensee’s sales, the company also indirectly performs the technical and marketing activities connected with the product.

The companies owned by Pirelli & C. Ambiente have the following categories of customer:

  • customers in the “Renewable Energy” sector, i.e. companies that convert solid urban waste to energy;
  • customers in the “Site Remediation” sector, i.e. companies – mainly in the Group and other closely affiliated companies – that assess, plan and manage the demolition and decontamination of buildings and/or lands;
  • customers in the “Solar Utility” sector, i.e. national electricity grid operator to which Solar Utility sells the electric power produced by photovoltaic plants and receive the incentive rate for the generated energy

Pirelli Real Estate operates on the market in accordance with a model that has a high degree of integration between two components of activity:

  • "Investment" activity, whose customers are comprised almost entirely of funds and property holding companies and non-performing loans in which Pirelli RE has qualified minority shareholdings
  • "Fund & Asset Management and Service Provider" activity, whose customers include funds, property holding companies and non-performing loans managed by the Asset Management departments. As a service provider, the Company provides non-captive and in-house customers with a complete range of specialised services connected with the different phases of the real estate business cycle. These services, which are organised according to the Group’s international perspective, target not only private customers but also public entities and are provided both directly and through the network of franchised outlets.

The domestic and international customers of Pirelli Broadband Solutions can be divided into the following categories:

  • telecommunication operators;
  • system integrators;
  • added value distributors and retailers.

PZero customers are mainly multi-brand stores in the medium-high segments of the fashion sector. End customers in all European Union countries can be reached through the online sales website www.pzeroweb.com.

The following table shows the breakdown of Group sales by geographical area:


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