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Safety, performance and eco-sustainability

The R&D commitment of Pirelli continues for the development of innovative products that offer both performance and eco-sustainability which can anticipate market demand.

Respect for the environment, performance and safety are the key features of the new lines of Pirelli products, such as the Cinturato Family and the Scorpion Verde tyre, as well as the new models for industrial vehicles (the innovative Series 01) and motorcycles. Compounds without highly aromatic oils (introduced in 2008, ahead of European regulations), innovative tread structure and designs reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, increase mileage and enhance safety performance on both dry and wet road surfaces. The eco-impact mark on tyre sidewalls identifies products that reduce rolling resistance, fuel consumption and external noise (the new generations of tyres already comply with European noise standards that will come into force in 2012) and extend mileage and thus the overall tyre life.

For more details about the “green” characteristics of Pirelli products, please see the Environmental Dimension chapter in this report.

The Group has always pursued product innovation to improve quality and safety for the end consumer. To achieve this, Pirelli Tyre relies in part on its close ties with the leading car makers in a segment that is particularly scrupulous and demanding in terms of safety: the ultra high performance market. Continuous improvements in braking performance under dry and wet conditions offer customers top-quality products in terms of road safety.

Safety and innovation are at the heart of self-supporting or Run Flat tyres, which guarantee vehicle mobility and control even in the event of a sudden loss of pressure.

Then there are new generation winter tyres like the new Winter Snowcontrol Serie II, introduced during the 2009-2010 season and presented to the public with the aid of the most recent web tools, the most famous social networks and the most popular bloggers on the internet. Finally, there is WINTEC, the first winter tyre for motorcycles and scooters, and the super-advanced Cyber™Tyre and Cyber Wheel safety systems.

For more details about the innovative characteristics of these products, see the website
www.pirellityre.com , Technology/Technology in Revolution section.