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Information and Training

No legal obligations currently apply to information about tyre product performance at the European level, but these will come into force in 2012.

Instead, in the United States providing information about Uniformity Tyre Quality Grading (UTQG) indicators is mandatory. Aside from compliance with these obligations, all products sold in the United States bear a safety warning on the sidewall of tyres (although this is not legally mandatory). No obligations currently exist in other countries.

Regardless, product information is provided to dealers and end customers in the following ways.

The main tools used by the Company to constantly provide customers – distributors and end customers – with information about both the product and the related initiatives include the following:

  • the website www.pirelli.com and local sites on the markets where the Company operates;
  • product leaflets;
  • the Pirelli magazines that are dedicated both to Group employees, such as Pirelli World or Giro in Brazil, and to the public and international market, such as Pirelli Truck, Pirelli Club Truck’, Street and Motopasion in Brazil;
  • institutional events, participation at international trade fairs and shows, and the launches of new products organised by the Company worldwide. The most significant events in 2009 were the "Pirelli Truck Day" in Bologna for the launch of FR:01 and TR:01 products and the institutional event "80 Years of Pirelli in Brazil." Particularly successful motorcycle launch events included "the Pirelli Angel ST”, the tyre that changes design, tread and road marks, holder of the 24 h Duration World Record" for the 24 hour race at the Nardò in Puglia racing strip (running 5,135.071 km at an average speed of 213.96 km/h with just one set); and the Metzeler Racetec, supersport racing product presented on the principal racetracks of Europe (Valencia, Misano, Brands Hutch).

Furthermore, to promote interaction with customers, Pirelli created an international blog in 2009 with educational content about tyres and especially road safety, particularly during the winter season (www.tourofthealps.com )

Pirelli Spain organised another series of initiatives at Barcelona service stations to increase road safety awareness, called “El principio de un buon viaje.”

Forty-five days of training were held in Germany for a total of over 1,000 participants. They were given lessons that included driving, vehicle and tyre maintenance, and road safety tips.

Pirelli was also a partner or sponsor at several major safe driving schools, including "Audi Driving Experience" in Germany, "BMW Motorsport Academy" and "Centro internazionale guida sicura"(International Centre for Safe Driving) in Italy and "BMW Driving Training" in Brazil.

Finally, Pirelli Tyre played a major role within the framework of ETRMA (European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association), which plays an especially active role on the theme of road safety. Its chairman is the General Manager and CEO of Pirelli Tyre & Parts.

For more information about the Company’s activity in ETRMA, reference is made to the section Pirelli and Sustainable Development.