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Dialogue and interaction

Customer relationships are managed principally through two channels:

  • the local sales organisation, which has direct contact with customers and, by using the Sales Force Automation (SFA) information management system, can process and respond on-site to all customer information requirements;
  • the Contact Centers (the Tyre sector alone has 31 worldwide), which provide both information assistance and order management (inbound), telemarketing and teleselling (outbound), with over 1,700,000 calls a year. An international training programme was developed in 2009 to perfect customer relations skills and develop proactive sales skills, with over 200 operators participating worldwide.

Specific reports and analyses are generated on the basis of available tools to assess efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Many initiatives engage the participation of end customers, in order to better understand their expectations. In 2009, the Consumer Relations activity of Metzeler brand were particularly intense. To establish close contact with the motorcycling community, the Company engaged it through corporate blogs, relations with online communities, offline encounters (events and meetings) and dialogue on the principal social networks.

In particular, "Ridexperience," the Metzeler blog, is active in Italy, Germany and Spain. It is the site where Metzeler describes itself and interacts with motorcyclists, collecting travel stories from motorcyclists and all sorts of enthusiasts. Ridexperience is linked with Facebook, Netlog, My Space, Flickr and Youtube, and has attracted over 15,000 “friends.”

Following are the results of the 2009 Dealer Satisfaction Surveys, which are periodic surveys of distributor satisfaction ranked on a scale from one to five, conducted in the form of interviews with native language operators, anonymous surveys, and web based questionnaires.

The 2009 index of overall dealer satisfaction as compared with the 2008 index in leading European countries grew (Italy +12.2%; Germany +2.4%; France +1.4%), and particularly brilliant results were achieved in the following areas:

  • Product range: higher than market average preference for Pirelli in Italy (+3.7%) and Spain (+3.4%);
  • Marketing: higher than market average preference for Pirelli in Italy (+ 9.2% and best in class of all competitors) and higher than in 2008 (+12.4%);
  • Logistics: growing appreciation for Pirelli in Italy (+6.7%), France (+6.8%), Spain (+4.6%), and Germany (+2.7%).

In Brazil, major improvements over 2008 were realised in all areas investigated, especially Marketing (+22%) and Logistics (+26%).