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Eco-sustainable building by Pirelli & C. Real Estate S.p.A.

Pirelli Real Estate addresses its environmental impact in three main ways:

  1. offering eco-innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of operating buildings;
  2. development of designs for new buildings that enhance the local area in terms of attractiveness, competitiveness on a wider scale and eco-sustainability.

These two activities are fully implemented in the Ecobuilding programme, an integrated method for the application of eco-sustainability principles in construction of new buildings (energy efficiency class, bio-architecture and technology) and the management of existing properties (improved energy performance and living comfort), conceiving a new, multi-disciplinary approach to design.

The combination of solutions adopted by the Ecobuilding programme ensure the achievement of high standards of quality, eco-sustainability and energy saving. Significant environmental benefits include the reduction of CO2 emissions, the lower amount of electricity required to meeting a building's needs and increasing use of renewable energy sources.