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Recognition for commitment to research, development and innovation

Its commitment to innovation and the results it achieved allowed Pirelli Tyre to win the ‘Businesses for Innovation’ Prize as part of the 2009 ‘National Prize for Innovation’ sponsored by Confindustria. The prize was awarded “For the major contribution of innovation to business results, realised by integrating innovative concepts and tools in the daily activity of personnel at all levels of the organisation.”

The Prize, sponsored by Confindustria in collaboration with APQI – Associazione Premio Qualità Italia – and various industry experts, aims to publicise and promote the dissemination of organisational and strategic models focused on growth through innovation.

Furthermore, in recognition of the score it received “for dynamic and integrated management of innovation used as a tool to engage the entire Company and thereby ensure its growth and international competitiveness,” Pirelli Tyre won the ‘Prize of Prizes’.

The awards ceremony took place at the Quirinal Palace in Rome. The Chairman of Pirelli received the ‘2009 National Prize for Innovation’ from the head of state, the President of the Republic of Italy.